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Escort Industry in London

London is known for their infamous London escorts and their busy red light district. Escort Service Industry is categorized into high class and those of cheap London Escorts. Being an escort for 3 years, I have been to both. I have tried escorting for lonely laborers, filthy rich elites, politicians as well as joining escorts for couples who are looking for adventure.

Life behind the red light may look as terrible as you think but there are perks in it. For the adventure seeker and always on the go, you’ll find pleasure. For those who want a glamorous life, this might be the right industry. For those who are lost, this can be the best area to explore.

However, the escort service industry is not a place for the weak hearted and the conservative. For the close minded and uptight, doors will never be opened for you. However, money is fast if you are good with relations.

I had several encounters with both the favorable and unfathomable clients. One evening, I was booked for a limousine tour with 3 other girls from We were escorting a duke around London. The agreement was just a little touch, something sociable and a little bit naughty. However, the duke went overboard and brought us to a secluded mansion in the outskirts of the city. Well, somehow and basing from previous experiences, I am already expecting such event. However, one of the girls with me just turned 18 and it will be her first encounter if ever. Annya begged me to excuse her but the Duke was very pushy. She slapped us with his money. I felt so dirty and ashamed but I tried to hide it. Annya could not contain her feelings, she cried and left. Upon nearing the door, the guards caught her and tied her to the bed. Our agent could not do anything and with the money offered, she just could not resist. Annya could not do anything and so was us. She was raped. Being trapped in this industry, rape was an invalid word for our world. Everybody expected us to be dirty and the society leave us no choice but to be dirty.

For the fortunate, there are just clients who are terribly lonely and could not find happiness with their partners from Lucky for me, I happened to be booked by a true gentleman. He is the man of any woman’s dream. He is rich and I mean filthy rich and very handsome. He is smart and oozing with sex appeal. Every night when he books me, we just stay at the hotel and talk. He just wanted someone who’ll listen to him and I did. I just listened the whole time. It was actually burdensome but I felt great listening to him. One night, he asked me to talk the whole night and he will just listen. So I talked. I usually do not share my story but incredibly I was able to open it up. He just stood there and listen not knowing he was listening. For six months, I acted like his psychologist and nothing happened. I was about to offer him a relationship proposal but he did not call anymore.

In the end, a life of an escort girl is just a come and go. You should never expect for a good relationship because what you and your client has is purely business.

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As a business traveler around the home counties, you need to have a companion or escort to always take care of your needs. You can’t travel with your wife, and that makes sense. Furthermore, your manly nature demands that you explore the finest things in the world. You’ve worked hard to make money, and so you need to enjoy what that money can buy you. Meet models, write diaries, visit home counties and so on.

Even though it’s a true saying that money can’t buy love, there are places abound the ho

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